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I built my submarine from GFK on a scale 1:35, what corresponds to a length of approx. 191 cm.    Model is U 995, which is in Laboe with Kiel as last one of its kind because of the beach up-docked.  I recorded all work procedures from the beginning to end in word and picture. I wanted to look for each other a publisher that my book bring out. A well-known model book publishing house pointed me with the reason, we is nevertheless not moved off, then we remain sitting nevertheless on our other books. I have myself then decided the booklets themselves to print. See: my model construction of books.

 Why a submarine? Primarily did the task provoke, does create me I it forms for it to manufacture? In second line I thought for selling to it GRP trunks to other model construction amateurs. These do not have large selection if it instead of to make, one to buy have. By a model I understand a reduced expenditure in originalgrösse existing of a boat, with as much as possible details. Unfortunately some offerers and manufacturer of such “Modelluboote” have every now and then different conceptions of detail loyalty.   If I want to be honest, I do not understand the buyers some these “model boats”, which do themselves such a thing. But which one is not to do if one able is to build itself a submarine.  Since then my homepage in the net stands, got I many inquiries concerning a trunk. As I then explained that I no complete kit sell expired suddenly the interest. With a kit one comes evenly faster to the goal.   

It is clear that one must make compromises regarding details, the smaller the boats to become. An example is the Brückengeländer at the tower. In the correct yardstick it would have to be thick 1mm. Unfortunately it is not then form stable.           My compromise, I took 1,4mm brass seaweeds. These are not available in the building market, thinner give it.



Since I do not aim at the completion of my boat with “bite”, it can take still another one while to I a boat completely finished has. To manufacture I achieved my goal forms.   Nevertheless I already 4 trunks and with which to it belonged casted. Trunk, upper deck, tween deck, tower with the individual parts. The production of the snorkel mechanism requires also still some considerations, in order to then manufacture also here from forms. The most difficult case might be the twin antiaircraft guns. I will continue to report in any case ones on my progress. How does one begin?   Since it was for me the first boat, I looked for assistance into books concerning the model construction. One should mine that there would have to be nevertheless such a thing for higher requirements. Wrongly meant. Reliably there were books for simple half shells, approximately for sailing boats. There one cannot much make wrong. Trunks are smoothly like a Kinderpopo and open above. A U boat has only few smooth surfaces going through in one. There there are surfaces in those hatches is let in, a quantity of Flutschlitze and welding seams. There are also different books, there too much knowledge is presupposed, here and there a few technical terms, a design, nothing else.  For me it was the first boat, I had zero notion. That is not is called that it is simple, abilities relating to crafts should be already present. By accident I experienced from the company R&G, GRP components materials. This company offers everything, which one needs for the production of a trunk. Also a catalog in that all products to be described, in addition a guidance over building of forms with GRP. With this guidance one is partly better served than which in so in some technical book is located.

  In the Internet this guidance is also callable with www.r-g.de GFK components materials. Under “service” - “Downloads” stands also the report of me over casting with silicone rubber.


     How does it continue? I needed to be put a Urmodell, on that the laminate (resin, hardener and glass fiber mats) for casting could. To consider it was whether I in such a way make the Urmodell like I my later submarine introduce myself with all details, or only a smooth trunk manufacture and whereupon applies the details later. I made first. A clean Ur-model saves grinding works at the casted parts. It continues to apply on overlaps to respected, which must be able to be released Urmuster again from the applied laminate. Originally I had to make remembered the form from GRP (glass fiber strengthened plastic). Since I all break-throughs those by the trunk go along in a slide cast, (detailed description in my booklets) a technology in no model construction book is sufficiently appreciated, had to count I on the possibility that I get my Urmodell not from the form, which would lead to the fact that either the Urmodell or casting is destroyed with the separation. There is an alternative to make casting instead of with GRP with silicone rubber. This is naturally a question of cost.  With silicone are half-molds to be screwed together.  I did not have already on the Urmustern worked, there knew I at this time yet at all as this to be casted later was. The trunk seemed to me in two half shells castable. The tower however with its openings and the tower inside would be not so simply castable. I got myself advice with R&G. got I the advice here to make a multipart form. I had to manufacture problems a two-piece form and then this advice. This advice prepared at this time sleepless nights for me. Afterwards one can laugh at it, the time solves many problems.  So that the Urmuster can be as detail-faithfully as possible made, one needs original pictures after possibility.  I drove to Laboe and the submarine 995 of all sides photographed. Unfortunately there for a long time no more all is detail faithful. In the context of restorations many details were not simply any longer renewed. A stroke of luck was that I was allowed by the tower on the deck. Here I had been able to make opportunity of the armament detail photo. I offer the pictures on CD. (see above) I have myself at least 16 books concerning submarines bought in hope to find a few detail photos. That was a correct case of pure. When the photos were made, still none had thought model construction amateurs of us. The defiance needsone designs around the relative importance to determine to be able.  There is a booklet “from the original to the model”

by Fritz Köhl and Axel Niestle. In this booklet also the plans are shown as overview in the mini yardstick. These plans in the larger yardstick one should buy nevertheless, and in the necessary yardstick to increase 1:1 let to decrease be able around the mass. The ISBN number of the booklet is:  3-7637-6002-4 in each book shop orderable. My booklet with designs completes the opinion over the surface areas of the tower. I had to procure myself with the production of the tower still additional designs.     


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